Go to miamivalleywc.banquetstream.com.

FREE livestream event!

This virtual platform gives us the exciting opportunity to expand our reach exponentially – with your help, this year’s Gala will be the most widely-attended event in center history!

Here’s how you can make that happen:

  • Share the link with everyone you know, and encourage them to watch the livestream program.
  • Host the Gala in your home. Invite guests for a dinner party and have fun! Be as casual or fancy as you want.
  • Encourage your church to promote the Gala and:
    • host the livestream event
    • invite groups to watch it together at church, someone’s home, or any other venue
  • Youth pastors – students are our future! Equip and empower them to be a voice for the unborn! Gather them to watch the livestream program.