To ensure our freedom to share the gospel, we do not receive government funding. All services and programs are provided at no cost due to the generosity of our financial partners.


Intervention and/or appointment scheduling is available 24 hours a day.


Verified by a registered nurse


Performed by licensed sonographers


Trained peer advocates inform clients about all their options: parenting, abortion, and adoption, so they can make an informed decision. This includes education about fetal development, abortion procedure risks, and adoption information. We do not refer for abortions.

Abortion Recovery Ministry (ARM)

One-on-one or group support offers hope, healing, and restoration in a confidential and compassionate environment for those who have had an abortion or have been affected by abortion.

Silver Linings

Small groups offer friendship, practical help, hope, and encouragement to women and men who have experienced a miscarriage or infant loss.

Spiritual Support

The Spiritual Support program includes one-on-one evangelism or discipleship. Biblically-based studies are offered for clients seeking answers to questions about God, and for Christian clients who want to strengthen their faith. Our greatest desire is for our clients to come to salvation in Jesus Christ, gain knowledge and understanding of God’s Word, and connect to a local church body where they can continue to grow, have life transformation, and produce much fruit.

Dare to Realize Every Action Matters (DREAM)

This one-on-one mentoring program helps women of all ages establish a healthy approach to their sexuality…emotionally, physically, socially, intellectually, and spiritually. DREAM helps participants realize that their past mistakes do not have to determine their future. Incentives are given to women choosing to learn the value of sexual purity.

Men’s Ministry

Our goal is to welcome and get to know men that visit our centers. We discuss his role and responsibility in a pregnancy, giving him solid facts on pregnancy options and consequences. With a prayerful hope he will pursue a decision for life, we invite him to participate in a parenting program that gives him the tools and confidence he needs to be a great Dad!


Making Outstanding Mothers (MOMs)
& Developing Awesome Dads (DADs)

MOMs and DADs are incentive-based parenting programs for women and men, designed to encourage responsibility. Clients meet one-on-one with a trained client advocate. In this 10-session program, emphasis is placed on making good decisions, goal setting, parenting skills, baby care, and building healthy relationships. Upon completion, clients have the opportunity to shop in our Baby Boutique, redeeming earned Baby Bucks to purchase brand-new items.

Earn As You Learn

This one-on-one, five-session incentive-based parenting program for women and men is designed to focus on decision-making skills, budgeting, setting goals, child care, and parenting. Clients earn Learning Loot to purchase gently-used items for their child.

Student Outreach

Abstinence is a powerful, positive, and possible choice!


The Miami Valley Women’s Center Student Outreach team provides abstinence education and also links students to the Center’s pregnancy-related, no-cost, confidential care.


Worth Waiting For (WWF)

Classroom presentations for health classes, after-school programs and youth groups.

GIFT (Giving Insight, Friendship, and Truth)

Small group mentoring for eighth-grade girls.

STARS (Seeking Truth, Accountability, Responsibility, and Success)

After-school mentoring for sixth-grade girls.

Team (training equipped and Accountable men)

Small group mentoring for eighth-grade boys.