Board of Directors

Michael Hamilton, Board Chair

Cindy Good, Vice Chair

Beth Black, Secretary

Galen Woodhouse, Treasurer

John Korb

Dr. Patrick Oliver

Walter Price

Jennifer Reno

Jo Anne Rohrer, Co-founder

Medical Board

William Dorsey, DO, Medical Director

Steve Conover, MD

Mike Davis, MD

Mick Denen, MD

Misti Grimson, MD

Randy Marriott, MD

Lori Pummill, RN, DMS

Pastoral Advisory Board

Pastor Mark Ballard, Fairview Church

Pastor Steve Bice, Sovereign Grace Church Dayton

Pastor Dwight Brown, Selah Ministries

Apostle Arthur McGuire, Joshua Christian Ministries

Executive Director

Executive Director Sheri Lawson has an abundance of experience in pregnancy-related areas and in managing and training professionals. For six years, she served as Executive Director of the Community Pregnancy Center in Middletown. From there she spent five years at Community Development Professionals, primarily overseeing development and conducting training for non-profits. Then, for seven years, she was the Executive Director of Healthy Beginnings, a Christian prenatal care clinic in Cincinnati, overseeing daily operations and medical services. 

She began serving as MVWC Executive Director in September of 2020.