Vol.34, June 2018

Star Parker, Founder and President, Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE)

Announcing the 2018 Gala Fundraising Event!

Friday, November 2 Sinclair Conference Center

Attend this year’s Gala and be inspired to make a difference through the Miami Valley Women’s Center, as we continue our mission to value life, support families, and demonstrate Christ’s love!

Client testimonies will affirm the powerful changes individuals and families experienced because of the ministry. In addition, guest speaker, Star Parker, Founder and President of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), will share how abortion deeply hurts our society and what we can do about it. From welfare mother to businesswoman, national celebrity, and international author, Star Parker exemplifies hard work, aspiration, and individual responsibility. Her work has been endorsed by organizations such as the Susan B. Anthony List, Eagle Forum, Heritage Foundation, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Family Research Council, Young America’s Foundation, Conservative Leadership PAC, and the American Conservative Union. For all her hard work in the grassroots conservative movement Star Parker was awarded the 2016 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Ronald Reagan Award!

The Gala, our largest fundraising event, is a key opportunity to engage future ministry partners. If you are interested in supporting the Gala as an Underwriter or Table Sponsor, please contact Jenny Shoup at Jenny.Shoup@womenscenter.org or (937) 298-9998, ext. 1111.

Underwriter opportunities begin at $1,000 and are available through August 3 (for printing purposes).

Table Sponsor opportunities begin at $500 and are available through September 14.

Underwriters and Table Sponsors may also serve as Table Hosts, inviting guests to fill a table of eight. Table Host Orientations will be at the Kettering MVWC on Thursday, Sept. 20 or Saturday, Sept. 22.

Thank you for giving yourselves fully to the work of the Lord!

$176,191.39 raised and counting!

63 Life Saver Dinner Club Members Raised $106, 667.57!

2-J Supply Co.

Anna Huber

Art Casci

Barb Knobloch

Blanche Dempsey

Bonnie Simmons

Cindy Good

Cindy Hitson

Connie Roberts

Dale Amsden

Eleanor Hatfield

FBC Kettering

Finchum Consulting

Glenda Morgan

Grace Williams

Hallie Fourman

Hannah Weaver

Heidi Wheatcraft

Jack Schaefer

Jack & Carolyn Ewig

Jackie Howard

Jane Martin

Jenny & Dana Shoup

Jill Adkins

JoAnne Rohrer

Joselyn Pierce

Judy Wilder

Karen Fulton

Karen Morningstar

Kayla Seagraves

Kim Powell

Kristen Eberle

Lee Moreno

Linda Martin

Logan Pals

Lynn Cheatwood

Mandy Delaney

Margaret Barnes

Marilyn Miller

Marissa Lee

Mark Jurkovich

Maryjane Munson

Mary Scott

Megan Rund

Michael Hamilton

Michaela Cogley

Michelle Duffy

Pastor Mike Miracle

Molly Farley

Nannette Greshem

Nicholas Parry

Peter Heinig

Rebekah Davis

Reuben Huffman

Ron & Linda Miller

Sandy O’Dell

Sandy Workman

Stacey Kinnison

Stephanie Parker

Susie Roth

T.L. & Kitty Drake

Upper Room WorshipCenter

Wistine Hutchinson

Client Testimonial

When I found out that we were expecting our first child I was overwhelmed with thoughts about being a father, how was I going to afford the necessities, and what if I didn’t know what to do in stressful situations. We never experienced challenges like this, but because of the help, support and guidance we received at the Miami Valley Women’s Center, we are ready to meet and exceed the expectations and challenges that come with having a child. My mentor, Stan went through what to expect at each meeting, how to earn extra credit, and showed me the baby store. He gave a list of topics on how to raise a child and asked me to pick out ones I was interested in.

During the sessions I learned about parenting and family values. We discussed different ways to discipline, how to quiet a baby, and how much sleep they need. The activities Stan gave me to do at home helped us grow mentally and spiritually stronger. We communicate better and are on the same page about life choices. The DADs program gave me the tools to succeed and was very helpful in teaching and training me on what to expect once our baby is born. It impacted me spiritually because Stan shared the Gospel with me. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, and I got to ring the bell!

Special Thanks to our Underwriters!

2-J Supply Co.

93.7 WFCJ & 100.7 WEEC

Advanced OB/GYN Care of SW Ohio
Dr. William R. Doresy,
DO Dr. Tricia Pachiano, DO

Agape Counseling Center

AHOP (A House of Prayer)

Arrowbrook Baptist Church

Phil & Pam Black

Terry & Sharon Kay Black

Bon Builders, Inc.

Calvary Open Bible Church

Centerville Christian Fellowship

Charis Ministry

Christian Blue Pages

Christian Life Center

Church of the Messiah

Dayton Avenue Baptist Church

T.L. & Kitty Drake

Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Jack & Carolyn Ewig

Faircreek Church

Fairview Church

Faith Baptist/Beavercreek

Finchum Consulting

First Baptist Church/Kettering

FBC Vandalia

First Church of Christ/Xenia

Dr. John & Linda Gredy

Honaker Hayes Wealth Management

Huber Heights First Baptist Church

Key-Ads Outdoor Advertising

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions

Lighthouse Carpet & Flooring

Living Word Church

Ron & Linda Miller

MorningStar Baptist Church

North Huber Heights Baptist


Logan & Cassie Pals

Pleasant Grove Missionary Church

Russ Hadick & Associates, Inc.

Jack Schaefer

Sonshine Commercial Cleaning

The Covenant at Sugar Grove

Two Rivers Community Church

Upper Room Worship Center

Valleyview Church

Waffle House-Judy Blanton

Xenia Christian Center

Xenia Nazarene Church

Thank you, Donors!

Archy's Bookstore

Beans-N-Cream, Xenia

Bill's Donuts

BR Mulch

Dayton Dragons

Faith & Friends Radio, Bill Nance & Melody Morris

Faith Christian Bookstore, Fairborn


Ivory Lamb Photography, Lauren Worman

Kings Island

Massage by Lisa


McGohan Brabender

Mike's Photography, LLC

Moraine Police Department

MVWC Baking Team

My Favorite Muffin

Tim Horton's, Moraine

Trader Joe's, Towne & Country Shopping Center

WA Heights Baptist Youth Group

Xenia Christian Center Youth Group

93.7 WFCJ & 100.7 WEEC, Ken & Cristy Kettering

Top 10 Churches (Sponsored Walkers)

Springboro Baptist Church (7) -- $16,585.00
Christian Life Center/Little York (20) -- $15,010.99
Centerville Community Church (10) -- $6,995.00
Washington Heights Baptist Church (5) -- $5,460.00
Vandalia Baptist Temple (7) -- $4,325.00
The Covenant Church at Sugar Grove (3) -- $3,984.02
MorningStar Baptist Church (2) -- $3,820.00
Fairview Brethren in Christ (3) -- $3.620.00
AHOP (A House of Prayer) (3) -- $3.202.00
Grace Covenant (5) -- $3,030.00

Most Sponsored Walkers

Christian Life Center/Little York -- 20

Most Funds Raised

Church - Springboro Baptist Church, $16,585.00
Pastor - Mike Miracle, $1,220.00
Adult - Jo Anne Rohrer, $13,009.00
Child - Kayla Seagraves, $1220.00

Sponsored Walkers -- 223
Churches Represented -- 92

Top Recognition Recipients

North Dayton Open House COMING SOON!

Check your e-mail and our Facebook page (Partners of the Miami Valley Women’s Center) for the Open House announcement! Is God calling you to minister to abortion-minded men and women? We still need volunteer client advocates! Please contact Karen Morningstar at 937-298-9998,Ext. 1108.

Thank you to underwriters, walkers,and sponsors who contributed to the financial outcome of the Walk. Because of YOU, North Dayton will serve the abortion-minded communities, ministering hope and help in unplanned pregnancies.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Open House!

Tiffany Seifman,
Executive Director

Survey Finds Students Considering Abstinence

The Abstinence Education team finished the school year with encouraging results! Worth Waiting For (WWF) reached nearly 3,500 students in eighteen schools. When asked, "What part of the presentation had the greatest impact on you?" some students replied, "Everything. You have no idea how bad I needed it; How one bad decision can lead to many others; The abstinence part, because it’s probably the better, smarter choice."

Our mentoring programs, GIFT (Giving Insight, Friendship, and Truth), TEAM (Teens Excited About Manhood), and STARS (Self-Respect, Truth, Accountability, Responsibility, Success) reached eighty students through ten schools. We need GIFT volunteers! If you feel called to be a GIFT mentor, please contact Karen Morningstar at (937) 298-9998, ext. 1108. Training is provided.

We are proud to announce our new partnership with HomeSown.org! If you are planning to buy or sell a home in 2018, HomeSown.org will connect you to a Trusted Local Agent to guide you through the process. When you close, HomeSown.org will make a generous donation to the MVWC to help us continue to minister. Simply go to: https://www.homesown.org/non-profit/miami-valley-womens-center/.

Volunteer Training

Friday, October 19 - 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Saturday, October 20 - 9:00am - 5:00pm

Applications available Here or contact Karen Morningstar:
937-298-9998, Ext. 1108, or karen.morningstar@womenscenter.org.

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Volunteer and Liaison Newsletter - July 2018

We value you, our volunteers and liaisons, for your ongoing faithful service. Please share this information with your Pastor and congregation through bulletins, announcements and other venues.

Dear Faithful Volunteers!

As I was thinking of the words of the verse shared at Training this past weekend: He Who calls you is FAITHFUL; HE will SURELY do it! (I Thess. 5:24), I thought of all the volunteers who have answered the call to faithfully give their time and talents to the Lord by serving with clients or behind the scenes as we value life, support families, and demonstrate Christ's love. Thank you for answering His Call!

Karen Morningstar, Volunteer Coordinator

Gala 2018

Friday, November 2

Please prayerfully consider sharing Gala underwriting and table sponsor opportunities with your church, business/associations, and friends that you feel would be interested in partnering with us for the 2018 Gala.

Underwriting opportunities begin at $1,000 and are available now through August 3 (for printing purposes).

Table Sponsor opportunities begin at $500 and are available now through September 14. Gala invitations, including table sponsor information, will be mailed August 17, or contact Jenny for more information.

Underwriters and Table Sponsors may also serve as Table Hosts, inviting guests to host a table of eight. Table Host Orientations will be at the Kettering MVWC on Thursday, September 20 or Saturday, September 22.

For more information about these opportunities, please contact Jenny Shoup at (937) 298-9998, ext. 1111 or Jenny.Shoup@womenscenter.org.

Walk 4 Life


We PRAISE GOD for His abundant provision! THANK YOU for the part YOU PLAYED:

  • Raised and still counting - $183,116.39
  • Sponsored Walkers- 223
  • Sponsored Liaisons - 33
  • Sponsored Pastors - 8
  • Churches Represented - 92
  • FundEasy Users - 147

Save the Date and share with your church!
Walk 4 Life 2019 ~ Saturday, May 18

On-Going Ministry Support

Please provide this information to your church.

Kroger Community Rewards - No annual renewal required! Go to krogercommunityrewards.com. Register for a Kroger Plus Card first. If you already have one, proceed to enroll, using MVWC # 82607 as the beneficiary.

Dorothy Lane Market Good Neighbor Program Visit DLM, get a Club DLM card, to enroll then visit dorothylane.com/clubdlm/goodneighbor.pl using MVWC Charity ID # 164 as the beneficiary.

Choose Life License Plates - Request when registering your vehicle or renewing your plates, or go to OPLATES.com and follow the instructions to order.

Goodsearch - A simple way to make a difference! Go to goodsearch.com and list MVWC as your charity.

Details are available here, or stop by any of our MVWC locations for a copy of our Ministry Support brochure! Please consider providing Ministry Support brochures at your church!

Volunteer Training

October 19-20 at Kettering
Friday 6:30pm - 8:30pm ~ Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Application Deadline is September 27, 2018

February 15-16 at Kettering
Friday 6:30pm - 8:30pm ~ Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Application Deadline is January 31, 2019

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering and attending the Training, please contact Karen Morningstar at Karen.Morningstar@womenscenter.org or
937-298-9998, Ext. 1108.

Resource Needs


Baby Cereal; 10-12oz Bottles of Baby Wash, Baby Shampoo, Baby Lotion
Gently Used or New: Boys/Girls Clothes 2T-5T
Toddler Bibles The Beginner's Bible Timeless Children's Stories


New/Gently Used: Boys Summer Clothes, pants 3T-5T; Infant Car Seats
New: Baby Wash and Shampoo (10 oz. bottles or smaller preferred)
The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's Stories [Zondervan] on www.amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Resource Volunteer Needs

Kettering and Xenia

Resource Assistants - Volunteers needed with organizational skills and the ability to adapt to the established process to help with new and used donations, laundry, cleaning equipment, etc. Three to four hour shifts between 10:00am and 2:00pm.

For more information about volunteering, you can reach Karen Morningstar
937-298-9998, Ext. 1108 or Karen.Moningstar@womenscenter.org.

Calling All Volunteers!

Bulk Mailing

Friday, August 17 - 9:00am Kettering
Friday, August 31 ~ 9:00am Kettering

If you can help, please contact Karen at
937-298-9998, Ext. 1108 or Karen.Moningstar@womenscenter.org.

April Statistics


Total Client Visits: 222
Inital Client Visits: 79
Ultrasounds: 54
Chose Life: 40


Total Client Visits: 109
Inital Client Visits: 38
Ultrasounds: 18
Chose Life: 19


Total Client Visits: 104
Inital Client Visits: 16
Ultrasounds: 15
Chose Life: 11

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